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The Block (2003)

The Block

Couples get the chance to put their money where their tastes - and building skills - are, when they each get to stamp their own, unique mark on a piece of real estate. Whichever attracts the highest bid at auction after it's been completely renovated, wins.

2003, Australia, English, Real Life, Renovation

National Nine News

National Nine News

The latest local, national and international news, plus sports stories and weather forecasts for the days ahead.

Australia, English, News

Seven News

Seven News

Daily dose of international, national and local news, sport, weather and human interest stories. Up to the minute news about anything, anywhere, anytime.

Australia, English, Live, News

ABC News

ABC News

News from where you live. ABC News brings you today's top stories, exclusive investigations and original reporting on the issues that matter to you.

Australia, English, News

Foreign Correspondent (1992)

Foreign Correspondent

New Series commences 3/6/21. The show that takes the road less travelled, to the ends of the Earth, in search of the story. Open a window to the world as the ABC's network of foreign correspondents uncover stories and meet people you won't see elsewhere.

1992, Australia, English, Current Affairs

SAS Australia (2020)

SAS Australia

Meet the unlikely celebrities, and celebro-kids, who are willing to put themselves on the line to show that they have the right stuff to make it in Australia's SAS. This reality show puts the competitors through one of the toughest physical and psychological selection processes on the planet, in order to qualify for the Australian Special Forces. Will Schapelle Corby make the cut?

Jackson Warne, Schapelle Corby, Honey Badger, Roxy Jacenko, Candice Warner, Merrick Watts.

2020, Australia, English, Entertainment, Real Life



New season premiere 4/8/21. The multi-award-winning ABC comedy series returns for a fourth season. It's a time of change in Rosehaven and while Daniel seems to be managing it best, it might be Emma, despite her playful misadventures, who offers the most grown up advice.

Australia, English, Comedy

War Of The Worlds (2019)

War Of The Worlds

Series 2 commencing 18/8/21. After an alien attack destroys life as we know it, those who are left and struggling to survive, create small groups on the principle that there is safety in numbers. Based on the novel by H.G. Wells, but updated to the C21st.

Directed by Howard Overman. Lea Drucker, Gabriel Byrne, Adel Bencherif, Natasha Little, Elizabeth McGovern, Daisy Edgar-Jones,

2019, United Kingdom, English, Drama, Sci-Fi, Science & Tech

The Masked Singer Australia (2019)

The Masked Singer Australia

Twelve instantly recognizable celebrities perform incognito by donning outrageous masks - the more bizarre the better. However, to maintain their anonymity, they must keep the wins coming.

Osher Gunsberg, Lindsay Lohan, Dannii Minogue, Dave Huges, Jackie O

2019, Australia, English, Entertainment

Four Corners (1961)

Four Corners

New Series starts 1/2/21. Since 1961, Four Corners has served the public interest by exposing scandals, triggering inquiries, firing debate and confronting taboos. The Award-winning program is internationally recognised for excellence in journalism.

1961, Australia, English, Current Affairs, Documentary

Gogglebox (2015)


It had to happen. In the world of reality television, nothing is not TV-worthy - not even watching other people watch television. Perhaps we have too much time on our hands. And now it's here in Oz. Find out what other people think about the shows we watch. Apparently it's fascinating.

2015, Australia, English, Entertainment, Real Life

The Project (2009)

The Project

Carrie Bickmore, Peter Helliar and various guests peel away the fake, the phony and the downright slimy as they humorously analyse national and international news.

2009, Australia, English, Comedy, Current Affairs, Talk Show

Hard Quiz (2019)

Hard Quiz

Series Return 3/2/21. Tom Gleeson and Hard Quiz are back for 2020. Only one wins the Big Brass Mug!

2019, Australia, English, Entertainment

Home And Away

Home And Away

This is the chronicle of the fun and games, ups and downs and all other shenanigans the denizens of the beachside town of Summer Bay get up to, day in and day out.

Australia, English, Soap Opera



Series 19 Commences 6/1/21. The letter R. QI (short for Quite Interesting) is a TV comedy panel game like any other. It has a chairman and four contestants who are asked questions and get points for their answers. But there the resemblance ends. QI is back for a brand new series with host Sandi Toksvig.

Stephen Fry, Sandi Toksvig

United Kingdom, English, Comedy

A Current Affair

A Current Affair

A nationwide current affairs program which ranges from shopping scams to identity theft to health issues to local culture. Fronted by Tracy Grimshaw - Sydney, Louise Momber - Perth and Kate Collins - Adelaide.

Australia, English, Current Affairs

Doctor Who (2005)

Doctor Who

Series 12 commences 2 January 2020. A new set of problems and adventures with The Doctor and her friends.

2005, United Kingdom, English, Adventure, Cult, Sci-Fi

Late Show With Stephen Colbert (2015)

Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Filling Letterman's huge shoes will prove to be a piece of cake for Stephen Colbert, who will be taking over the helm of the Late Show after Letterman's 22 year tenure. Filmed at the Ed Sullivan Theatre, this talk-show-comedy-fest will continue to keep fans up to date - in the lightest possible way - with all the issues that beset the world today. And the many-faceted Colbert is just the guy to keep the show on the not-so-straight-and-narrow.

Stephen Colbert

2015, United States, English, Entertainment, Talk Show, Variety

The Rookie

The Rookie

After a transformational incident, John Nolan has decided it's time to fulfil a long-held dream, that is, to join the LAPD. He's not a run-of-the-mill rookie. He's a couple of decades too old for that. But a rookie he is, and he brings to his new job, a wealth of life experience that his younger cohort simply can't match. Ah, but will it make him a good cop?

Nathan Fillion, Alyssa Diaz, Richard T. Jones

United States, English, Crime, Drama

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