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Most Popular free-to-air TV shows in Australia, according to IceTV users. Any shows selected as a favourite or recorded via IceTV Smart Recording apps help build this list.

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The Block (2003)

The Block

Couples get the chance to put their money where their tastes - and building skills - are, when they each get to stamp their own, unique mark on a piece of real estate. Whichever attracts the highest bid at auction after it's been completely renovated, wins.

2003, Australia, English, Real Life, Renovation

Seven News

Seven News

Daily dose of international, national and local news, sport, weather and human interest stories. Up to the minute news about anything, anywhere, anytime.

Australia, English, Live, News

ABC News

ABC News

News from where you live. ABC News brings you today's top stories, exclusive investigations and original reporting on the issues that matter to you.

Australia, English, News

New Gold Mountain (2020)

New Gold Mountain

New series commencing 13/10/21. Set in 1857 and inspired by real life, the series follows a group of compelling characters brought together during the wild west era of the Australian gold rush. When Chinese headman Wei Shing stumbles across a valuable new gold seam on the frontier, he sets to figuring out how to enrich himself as much as he can. But when the body of a murdered European woman turns up on the Chinese walking trail, Wei Shing finds himself implicated in her death.

2020, Australia, English, Drama



New series 13 commencing 13/10/21. Australia's most loved and only show about advertising returns. Wil Anderson is joined by a crack team of experts including Russel Howcroft, Todd Sampson, Dee Madigan, Karen Ferry and more to decode the messaging we fall for.

Wil Anderson, Todd Sampson, Russel Howcroft

Australia, English, Entertainment

National Nine News

National Nine News

The latest local, national and international news, plus sports stories and weather forecasts for the days ahead.

Australia, English, News

Four Corners (1961)

Four Corners

New Series starts 1/2/21. Since 1961, Four Corners has served the public interest by exposing scandals, triggering inquiries, firing debate and confronting taboos. The Award-winning program is internationally recognised for excellence in journalism.

1961, Australia, English, Current Affairs, Documentary

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette

Our Aussie Bachelorette this time round is spoilt for choice in her search for the 'one'. A diverse selection of guys and gals assemble with all manner of gifts or tricks to sway her feelings, in the hope of proving how desirable they are.

Australia, English, Real Life, Romance

Hard Quiz (2019)

Hard Quiz

Series Return 3/2/21. Tom Gleeson and Hard Quiz are back for 2020. Only one wins the Big Brass Mug!

2019, Australia, English, Entertainment

The Rookie

The Rookie

After a transformational incident, John Nolan has decided it's time to fulfil a long-held dream, that is, to join the LAPD. He's not a run-of-the-mill rookie. He's a couple of decades too old for that. But a rookie he is, and he brings to his new job, a wealth of life experience that his younger cohort simply can't match. Ah, but will it make him a good cop?

Nathan Fillion, Alyssa Diaz, Richard T. Jones

United States, English, Crime, Drama

Bull (2016)


Dr. Jason Bull knows how to read between the lines and, using a combination of psychology, science and high tech aids, he knows how to read people. With his team of experts, Bull has created Trial Analysis Corporation, one of the most successful consulting firms of all times. Inspired by the early life of Dr. Phil McGraw.

Michael Weatherly, Freddy Rodriguez, Geneva Carr

2016, United States, English, Drama

A Current Affair

A Current Affair

A nationwide current affairs program which ranges from shopping scams to identity theft to health issues to local culture. Fronted by Tracy Grimshaw - Sydney, Louise Momber - Perth and Kate Collins - Adelaide.

Australia, English, Current Affairs

Home And Away

Home And Away

This is the chronicle of the fun and games, ups and downs and all other shenanigans the denizens of the beachside town of Summer Bay get up to, day in and day out.

Australia, English, Soap Opera

Gogglebox (2015)


It had to happen. In the world of reality television, nothing is not TV-worthy - not even watching other people watch television. Perhaps we have too much time on our hands. And now it's here in Oz. Find out what other people think about the shows we watch. Apparently it's fascinating.

2015, Australia, English, Entertainment, Real Life

NCIS: Los Angeles (2009)

NCIS: Los Angeles

Any crime against Navy personnel is handled by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service which always keeps national security in mind. But the country is just too big for Gibbs and his team to handle out of Washington. So now there's a new team operating out of Los Angeles, headed by Callan who leads a team of undercover specialists with serious street cred.

Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J, Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen

2009, United States, English, Crime, Drama

Supergirl (2015)


Twenty-four year old Kara is coming to grips with the secret she's held on to for years - a secret she is just starting to come to grips with herself - extraordinary powers. The biological cousin of Superman, and one of the last surviving Kryptonians, Kara has her work cut out for her here on Earth; based on the DC Comics character.

2015, United States, English, Action, Adventure



New season commencing 29/9/21. Sammy returns to London to escape the heat of the missing person's case, but back in Australia, Detective Sergeant Fairbank has the Cooper family firmly under the microscope.

Australia, English, Drama

Chicago Fire (2012)

Chicago Fire

Firehouse 51 is in an uproar over the death of Andrew Darden and the mutual recriminations of Lts. Casey and Severide. Enter rookie Peter Mills, a second-generation firie intent on facing down the element that killed his Dad. Also part of the team are paramedics Lesley Shay and Gabriela Dawson. Battalion Chief Wallace Boden, rules this quarrelsome crew with an iron fist, ensuring that they pull together, when the chips are down, to keep the city safe.

Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund, Lauren German

2012, United States, English, Action, Drama



New series commencing 2/10/21. It's 1958 in Grantchester, and the vicarage family and the Keatings are on a summer break at Merries Holiday Camp - only for it to turn into a busman's holiday for Will and Geordie, when the camp's owner is found dead.

James Norton, Robson Green, Morven Christie, Tessa Peake-Jones, Al Weaver

United Kingdom, English, Drama, Mystery, Violence

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