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A selection of the new and returning series coming soon to free-to-air TV in the coming weeks that we think you should know about. For IceTV members, there's no need to wait. You can already set them to automatically record at home when they arrive.

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New Show A Gentleman in Moscow

Mon, 22 Apr 2024


A Gentleman in Moscow

Based on the novel by the same name, this miniseries follows the fortunes of Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov, who lived through the Bolshevik Revolution, stood trial for being an aristocrat, and sentenced to house arrest in the luxurious Hotel Metropol. Here, he lives in reduced circumstances, with his safety fluctuating according to the politics of the day, but he establishes relationships with the other patrons and staff, and even acquires a foster-daughter.

Ewan McGregor, Fehinti Balogun, Daniel Cerqueira

Series, United Kingdom, English, Drama, Entertainment

New Show After The Party

Sun, 28 Apr 2024


After The Party

New series 28/4/24. This provocative drama follows Penny who loses everything when she accuses her husband of a sex crime against her daughter's teenage friend, and no one believes her.

Series, New Zealand, English, Drama

New Show Ainsley's Taste Of Malta

Coming Soon


Ainsley's Taste Of Malta

Ainsley starts his Maltese adventure in Valetta. He joins historian Liam for a tour of the harbour, where he learns why Malta is such a melting pot of cultures and the impact this has on the cuisine.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Cooking, Food/Wine

New Show Blue Lights

Thu, 18 Apr 2024


Blue Lights

New Series 2 commencing 18/4/24.. Follows rookie police officers working in Belfast, a city in which being a frontline response cop comes with unique pressures and dangers.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Crime, Drama, Thriller

New Show Clarkson's Farm

Tue, 16 Apr 2024


Clarkson's Farm

Jeremy Clarkson leaves the open road behind and settles down on a farm. Located in the Cotswolds, the 1,000acre Diddly Squat Farm (you'll find out why soon) produces barley, rapeseed, and wheat. It may well be possible that he's a better driver than a farmer.

Jeremy Clarkson, Kaleb Cooper, Charlie Ireland

Series, United Kingdom, English, Real Life

New Show Everything You Love

Sat, 27 Apr 2024


Everything You Love

New series 27/4/24. Past childhood sweethearts, Sara and Jonas coincidentally run into each other on the subway. After Jonas hurts his arm due to an evacuation, Sara takes him to the emergency room. And their feelings towards each other re- ignite.

Series, Norway, Norwegian, English Subtitles, Drama, Romance

New Show Father Brown

Sat, 27 Apr 2024


Father Brown

New Series 10 commencing 26/3/22. The charming Father Brown returns to solve more mysteries in the sleepy Cotswold village of Kembleford. He investigates each crime in his own particular way, using intuition and psychology.Set in the 1950s in the heart of the beautiful English countryside,

Sorcha Cusack, Ashley Campbell, John Burton

Series, United Kingdom, English, Crime, Drama, Mystery

New Show Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge's Mine Rescue

Mon, 22 Apr 2024


Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge's Mine Rescue

Who do you call when your mining operations are terminal? Freddy Dodge of course, who never encountered a dying mine he couldn't resurrect.

Freddy Dodge

Series, United States, English, Real Life

New Show Gone

Tue, 16 Apr 2024



Fifteen years after she was rescued by the FBI after being abducted, Kick Lannigan teams up with Frank Novak, the operative who saved her, becoming a member of an FBI task force specialising in missing person cases.

Chris Noth, Danny Pino, Leven Rambin

Series, United States, English, Drama, Thriller

New Show Gruen

Coming Soon



New season commencing 15/5/24. The world has gone ad - but the algorithm has delivered brand new Gruen. Returning for an unprecedented and ill-advised 16th season, Wil Anderson and a panel of know-it-alls will pull you out from under the influence.

Wil Anderson, Todd Sampson, Russel Howcroft

Series, Australia, English, Entertainment

New Show Into Death Valley With Nick Knowles

Sat, 20 Apr 2024


Into Death Valley With Nick Knowles

New series 20/4/24. Nick Knowles ventures into one of the least hospitable places on earth: Death Valley. Not only is it incredibly hot, it also holds the distinction of being one of the lowest spots on the planet.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Documentary

New Show Invasion: The Normans

Coming Soon


Invasion: The Normans

New series 5/5/24. Discover how an exiled Irish king persuaded the Anglo-Norman lord Strongbow to help him recover his kingdom. Opening amidst the turmoils of the 12th century Ireland, a society where provincial kings view for supremacy.

Series, Ireland, English, Documentary, History

New Show Jeopardy! Australia

Sat, 20 Apr 2024


Jeopardy! Australia

The famous quiz show makes its way to Oz. The trick is to stay in the game long enough to drive up the prize money as much as you can. Hosted by famous know-it-all, Stephen Fry.

Stephen Fry

Series, Australia, English, Game Show

New Show Kings Of Crash

Wed, 17 Apr 2024


Kings Of Crash

When it comes to the Demolition Derby, Fred Tatasciore, Ryan Sweet, and Scooter Carroll are at the top of their game. And with cash prizes to be won, they certainly take it seriously. In this series they give you an insider's view of the sport they love.

Fred Tatasciore, Ryan Sweet, Scooter Carroll

Series, United States, English, Real Life

New Show Lefties Losing It

Fri, 19 Apr 2024

Lefties Losing It

Hosted by Rita Panahi, who is a columnist and commentator known for her strong right-wing politics.

Rita Panahi

Series, Australia, English, News

New Show Living Black

Mon, 22 Apr 2024


Living Black

New series 23/4/24. Australian Indigenous current affairs program representing the interests and concerns of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Presented by Karla Grant.

Karla Grant

Series, Australia, English, Current Affairs, News

New Show MasterChef Australia

Mon, 22 Apr 2024


MasterChef Australia

Season 16 sees the return of judge Andy Allen, alongside new judges - former contestant, Poh Ling Yeow, food critic, Sofia Levin and Michelin star chef, Jean-Christophe Novelli as they take a new batch of home cooks through their paces.

Andy Allen, Poh Ling Yeow, Sofia Levin, Jean-Christophe Novelli

Series, Australia, English, Cooking, Real Life

New Show Melbourne Weekender

Sun, 28 Apr 2024

Melbourne Weekender

Cameron Ling and the team show you all the hotspots in Melbourne, whether you're looking for the perfect place for a honeymoon, a diner's delight or an adventurous weekend getaway.

Series, Australia, English, Lifestyle

New Show Million Dollar Wheels

Wed, 17 Apr 2024


Million Dollar Wheels

You don't have to be a billionaire to own million-dollar cars, but it sure does help. One thing is certain, you'll only buy those wheels from the very best, who in this case, are RD Whittington and Scotty Atkins. And if you think a mere car showroom, however luxurious, will help fill the bill. Think again. Meet the uber-rich who never want to depend on uber. Solid gold steering wheel anyone? Diamond hubcaps?

RD Whittington, Scotty Atkins.

Series, United States, English, Lifestyle, Real Life

New Show Northern Exposure

Coming Soon


Northern Exposure

A welcome return of a 90s comedy, full of wry insights and a wicked sense of fun. Rudely ejected from his cushy New York practice, Dr. Joel Fleischman finds himself unwillingly transported to the remote Alaskan town of Cicely, where the locals are as unique as their location. How will this urbane New Yorker make his way in this much more rugged place, and more importantly, will his shower ever get fixed?

Series, United States, English, Comedy, Drama

New Show Opal Hunters: Red Dirt Road Trip

Tue, 16 Apr 2024


Opal Hunters: Red Dirt Road Trip

He may be new to the job, but that doesn't necessarily spell disaster - at least all the time. But James Caruana has old dog miner, Rod Manning to learn from, as they criss-cross the Aussie landscape in search of that elusive opal.

James Caruana, Rod Manning

Series, Australia, English, Documentary

New Show Our Law

Coming Soon

Our Law

New series 2 commencing 9/5/24. Written and directed by Cornel Ozies, the film Our Law takes a glimpse into the lives of two outback police officers working at Warakurna police station, Australias only all Indigenous police station.

Series, Australia, English, Society & Culture

New Show Paul O'Grady's Great Elephant Adventure

Coming Soon


Paul O'Grady's Great Elephant Adventure

New series 3/5/24. Filmed just before his untimely death, `Paul O'Grady's Great Elephant Adventure' follows Paul O'Grady as he travels across Thailand and Laos to get stuck in helping out at elephant rescue centres caring for these most majestic, but endangered, animals.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Documentary, Society & Culture

New Show Penn And Teller: Fool Us

Coming Soon


Penn And Teller: Fool Us

New Series commences 6/5/24. Aspiring magicians from all over the world perform their best tricks to try and fool Penn and Teller, the world-famous magician duo.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Entertainment, Game Show

New Show Phase III Odyssey

Coming Soon

Phase III Odyssey

New series 11/5/24. Leo Khouri and David Frake are lifelong friends, businessmen, car collectors, and enthusiasts. They set out on a mission to tour Australian in their vintage GT Falcon cars to highlight the importance of male bonding, pushing boundaries, and the wellbeing that comes with adventure.

Series, Australia, English, Documentary, Society & Culture

New Show Putin, Russia And The West

Coming Soon

Putin, Russia And The West

Series 2 commencing 24/4/24. From the 2014 seizure of Crimea to the invasion of Ukraine, this is the inside story of a decade of clashes - as told by the Western leaders who traded blows with Putin's Russia.

Rupert Graves, Sergei Ivanov, Sergei Prikhodko

Series, United Kingdom, English, Current Affairs, Documentary

New Show Q+A

Mon, 29 Apr 2024



Series return 29/4/24. Patricia Karvelas returns with a panel of decision makers to discuss the issues making news. This is your chance to ask the questions, hold political leaders to account and hear experts cut through the spin to the solutions.

Series, Australia, English, Current Affairs, Education

New Show Rick Stein's Food Stories

Coming Soon


Rick Stein's Food Stories

New series 1/5/24. Rick Stein celebrates the best of British food, meeting the people and discovering the stories behind the country's beloved dishes. Plus, from his home in Padstow, he cooks some of his own.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Cooking, Food/Wine

New Show Silent Witness

Fri, 26 Apr 2024


Silent Witness

New Series commencing 26/4/24. The award-winning crime drama follows pathologist Dr Nikki Alexander and her dedicated team help the police solve a slew of mystifying murders.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Crime, Drama

New Show Sportswoman

Coming Soon


New series commencing 11/5/24. A celebration of some of the most talented sportswomen competing today in a myriad of sporting codes.

Series, Australia, English, Sport

New Show Swift Street

Wed, 24 Apr 2024


Swift Street

New series 24/4/24. 21-year-old street smart hustler, Elsie Masalla, agrees to help her charming but hopeless father Robert pay back a bad debt, entering the crosshairs of a local crime boss.

Series, Australia, English, Crime, Drama

New Show Taste Buds with Dane Swan

Sat, 20 Apr 2024


Taste Buds with Dane Swan

AFL dans will recognise Dane Swan as a player for Collingwood and a Brownlow medallist. Now he's all there is to know about the Melbourne food scene.

Dane Swan

Series, Australia, English, Cooking, Entertainment

New Show The Luminaries

Sun, 28 Apr 2024


The Luminaries

New series 28/4/24. A suspenseful tale of love, murder and revenge set on the wild West Coast of New Zealand's South Island at the height of the 1860s gold rush - based on the Man Booker prize-winning novel.

Series, New Zealand, English, Adventure, Drama, Mystery

New Show The Swiping Game

Coming Soon


The Swiping Game

New season 26/4/24. From the intimacy of their bedrooms, Australians talk all things dating with startling honesty and humour. With a smorgasbord of apps, there is now the promise of love and sex - as well as heartbreak - with a casual swipe.

Series, Australia, English, Documentary

New Show This Is Going To Be Big

Coming Soon


This Is Going To Be Big

New series 30/4/24. A humorous and heart-warming coming-of-age story unfolds as teenagers living with disabilities share their dreams and desires and confront their challenges while preparing for their high school musical.

Series, Australia, English, Documentary, Drama

New Show Tony Robinson's Marvellous Machines

Mon, 29 Apr 2024


Tony Robinson's Marvellous Machines

New series 29/4/24. Tony Robinson uncovers machines that are the world's unsung heroes. From a vehicle that makes airport runways safe for landing, to the atomic clocks keeping humankind on time, these heroic machines save our modern lives from grinding to a halt.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Documentary, History

New Show Travel Man: 48 Hours In...

Tue, 23 Apr 2024


Travel Man: 48 Hours In...

New series 23/4/24. Joe Lycett is back with the definitive guide to 48 hours away in some of the most exciting short to medium haul destinations on Earth.

Richard Ayoade, Joe Lycett

Series, United Kingdom, English, Documentary, Entertainment, Travel

New Show Untold Arctic Wars

Sat, 20 Apr 2024


Untold Arctic Wars

New series 20/4/24. After World War I, Europe is in disarray. An alliance between Germany and the Soviet Union launches the Second World War. This also marks the beginning of an Arctic war, with Finland setting the stage for the first act.

Series, Finland, English, Documentary

New Show War Gamers

Coming Soon

War Gamers

New series 11/5/24. When WW2 breaks out, an elite force of German U-boat commanders, headed by Karl Donitz, attempt to starve Britain into submission by sinking their merchant shipping. Vera Laughton Mathews heads the newly reformed WRENS, and recruits bright, astute girls into the service. Meanwhile retired naval commander, Gilbert Roberts, is desperate to return to his career and use wargaming to sink the U-boats.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Drama, History

New Show Who Do You Think You Are? Australia

Coming Soon

Who Do You Think You Are? Australia

New series 15 commencing 7/5/24. Well-known Australians play detective as they go in search of their family history, revealing secrets from the past.

Series, Australia, English, Biography, Documentary, Historical

New Show You Shall Not Lie (Todos Mienten)

Wed, 17 Apr 2024


You Shall Not Lie (Todos Mienten)

New series 17/4/24. Night-time. A lifeless body lies at the bottom of a cliff in Belmonte. Watching from the top, alone and terrified, is Macarena. Only three days ago, her life was completely different.

Series, Spain, Spanish, English Subtitles, Drama, Thriller

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