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A selection of the new and returning series coming soon to free-to-air TV in the coming weeks that we think you should know about. For IceTV members, there's no need to wait. You can already set them to automatically record at home when they arrive.

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New Show 5 Mistakes That Caught A Killer

Sun, 12 Jul 2020


5 Mistakes That Caught A Killer

An in-depth series of documentaries that examines how three of Britain's most notorious killers were finally caught and convicted.

Directed by Roger Corke.

Series, United States, English, Crime, Documentary

New Show 9-1-1: Lone Star

Coming Soon

9-1-1: Lone Star

Having left his job as a NY firefighter, Owen Strand has taken his son T.K., and relocated to Austin, where he follows the same career path. But there's a private side to Owen too, and this side needs some serious TLC.

Rob Lowe, Live Tyler, Ronen Rubinstein, Sierra Alyna McClain, Jim Parrack, Natacha Karam

Series, United States, English, Drama, Medical

New Show American Chopper

Thu, 2 Jul 2020


American Chopper

Meet the human faces of Orange County Choppers, the team that put the uniqueness into their custom motorbikes. But although the team is full of talent, it's the dynamics between the Tetuels that give this series the edge.

Paul Teutul Sr., Paul Tetuel Jr., Michael Tetuel, Mike Rowe, Jim Pratt

Series, United States, English, Real Life, Sport

New Show American Idol

Tue, 7 Jul 2020


American Idol

America has always had the reputation as being the country where your dreams do come true. And this is especially true for those with stars in their eyes. Many whose self-belief overrides their talent are prepared to give it a go. But as the cull continues, those who really do have what it takes reveal themselves to the world and the world shares their journey every inch of the way.

Ryan Seacrest, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan,Lionel Ritchie

Series, United States, English, Entertainment, Music, Real Life

New Show Basketball: Indigenous Basketball Championships

Sun, 5 Jul 2020


Basketball: Indigenous Basketball Championships

The best basketballers from around Australia converge on Cairns for the Indigenous Basketball Championships.

Series, Australia, English, Basketball, Entertainment, Sport

New Show Beecham House

Sat, 11 Jul 2020


Beecham House

In Delhi before British rule the Beecham family takes up residence in their newly bought house. The family is headed by John Beecham, a former soldier with the East India Company who is determined to make the house his safe haven.

Tom Bateman, Lesley Nicol, Leo Suter

Series, United Kingdom, English, Drama, Entertainment

New Show Buying Log Cabins

Sun, 5 Jul 2020


Buying Log Cabins

Potential homebuyers weigh up their options whilst looking for the log cabins of their dreams situated across different locations.

Series, United States, English, Lifestyle

New Show Click For Murder

Mon, 13 Jul 2020


Click For Murder

Donal MacIntyre made his name reporting on crime. In this series he shows how cyberspace can enable the worst possible acts, from conception of the crime to its commission.

Donal MacIntyre

Series, United Kingdom, English, Crime, Drama

New Show Drum Beat

Sat, 11 Jul 2020


Drum Beat

The show that brings together some of the sharpest and most informed minds in Australia to tackle the big issues and share their opinions and expertise. Catch up on the best conversations from The Drum.

Series, Australia, English, News

New Show Emergency

Wed, 8 Jul 2020



Another glimpse into the frenetic world of emergency medicine as documentary cameras follow real life medical staff as they pursue their daily routine of saving lives.

Series, Australia, English, Real Life

New Show Extreme Railway Journeys

Sat, 4 Jul 2020


Extreme Railway Journeys

From the African jungle to the Australian Outback, Chris Tarrant checks out some of the most interesting railways in the world. Meeting with drivers, engineers, passengers and others, Chris discovers how these marvellous machines were built, how they operate and how they've changed the lives of those they've touch.

Chris Tarrant

Series, United Kingdom, English, Documentary, Science & Tech, Travel

New Show Great Asian Railways Journeys

Tue, 14 Jul 2020


Great Asian Railways Journeys

Michael Portillo is in Southeast Asia, armed with his 1913 Bradshaw's Handbook. Published at the height of European imperialism, it will lead him on a spectacular 2,500-mile railway adventure across six vibrant and independent nations. He?ll explore towering megacities and magnificent mosques, visit jewelled temples and golden Buddhas and ride some of the world's most exhilarating and notorious railways.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Documentary, Science & Tech, Society & Culture, Travel

New Show Hard Quiz

Coming Soon


Hard Quiz

New series begins 15 July 2020. Tom Gleeson and Hard Quiz are back for 2020. Only one wins the Big Brass Mug!

Series, Australia, English, Entertainment

New Show Hook Line And Dinner

Sat, 4 Jul 2020


Hook Line And Dinner

Ben Sargent embarks on the ultimate coastal road trip from Florida and Louisiana to California and Oregon, Ben uncovers the USA's best seafood joints and regional specialities while taking viewers on the awesome journey from sea to table.

Series, United States, English, Cooking, Fishing

New Show Intelligence

Coming Soon


When Jerry - an American NSA agent - joins a team at GCHQ tackling cybercrime, junior analyst Joseph is excited. But Director of Cyber Security Christine is less keen and wants to know the real reason Jerry is over here.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Comedy

New Show Jeopardy!

Coming Soon



Alex Trebek hosts Jeopardy!, where the answers are revealed and the contestants must guess the appropriate questions. The answers appear on a computerised grid in various trivia categories and are sorted by degrees of difficulty matched by increasing dollar values.

Series, United States, English, Entertainment, Game Show

New Show Les Miserables

Sat, 4 Jul 2020


Les Miserables

An epic adaptation of Victor Hugo's classic novel; a story of love, injustice, redemption and hope. Set in war-torn France, the story follows the struggles and triumphs of those living in the underclass on a quest for a better life.

Directed by Tom Shankland. Dominic West, Lily Collins, David Oyelowo, Olivia Colman

Series, United Kingdom, English, Drama, Violence, War

New Show Life Drawing UK

Sat, 11 Jul 2020


Life Drawing UK

There's never been a better time to collectively get those creative juices flowing, as presenter and artist Josie d'Arby is joined by experts Lachlan Goudie, Diana Ali, and Nicky Philipps to share their passion and knowledge in this inspiring event. Viewers are invited to pick up their pencils and draw along and be guided by the UK's best.

Josie d?Arby, Lachlan Goudie, Diana Ali, Nicky Philipps

Series, United Kingdom, English, Arts & Culture, Documentary, Society & Culture

New Show MacGyver

Sat, 11 Jul 2020



Young Angus "Mac" MacGyver works with the government to save lives, using his unique and unconventional problem-solving skills. Well really, why use guns and bombs when paper clips, aluminium foil or chewing gum will do the trick? This is a reboot of the 1985 American series of the same name.

Directed by Peter M. Lenkov, Lee David Zlotoff. Lucas Till, George Eads, Sandrine Holt

Series, United States, English, Action, Adventure, Drama

New Show Marcella

Fri, 10 Jul 2020



Marcella is a British detective series, written, directed and produced by Swedish screenwriter Hans Rosenfeldt, creator of The Bridge. In Series 2 Marcella investigates when a body is discovered inside a wall, clothed in a school blazer, surrounded by soft toys. The detective soon works out that the victim is Leo Priestley, who had been abducted a few years beforehand.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Crime, Drama, Mystery

New Show Monty Don's Japanese Gardens

Fri, 3 Jul 2020


Monty Don's Japanese Gardens

Monty Don travels to Japan in Spring to trace the history of Japanese gardens from early boating gardens, through Buddhist temples and Zen gardens, right up to a modern tea house. Audio Described (AD).

Series, United Kingdom, English, Gardening, Travel

New Show MotherFatherSon

Coming Soon


US-born Max is at the heart of British politics and owner of a media empire. His ex-wife Kathryn has been frozen out of the family. When their son Caden suffers a catastrophic breakdown, they're pulled back together.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Thriller

New Show Murdered By Morning

Thu, 2 Jul 2020


Murdered By Morning

When a group of friends go out for a night on the town in New Orleans, one of them does not make it through the night. After her body is discovered, everybody in the group comes under suspicion.

Lauren Berst, Nathalie Jones, Alyssa Alexander, Richard Anderson, Desiree Estrada

Series, United States, English, Crime

New Show New Normal

Coming Soon


New Normal

Jeremy Fernandez speaks with a range of everyday Australians to see how they are dealing with lockdown, their fears and concerns. In 6 months we'll revisit them to see how their lives have changed and reflect on the crisis.

Series, Australia, English, Current Affairs, News

New Show Paul Hollywood's Bread

Mon, 6 Jul 2020


Paul Hollywood's Bread

Celebrate the history and traditional flavours of great British bread. Paul explains the basics of breadmaking by making a classic white bloomer - a gorgeous crusty, everyday bread.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Cooking, Food/Wine, Lifestyle

New Show Putin: A Russian Spy Story

Coming Soon

Putin: A Russian Spy Story

This series tracks how Putin escapes poverty by joining the KGB, his reinvention as a political fixer in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union and how he gets into position to take over from President Yeltsin.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Biography

New Show Retrograde

Wed, 8 Jul 2020



Set in a virtual bar - Australia?s first narrative comedy filmed entirely in isolation. Developed, produced, and post-produced entirely under strict COVID-safe guidelines, Retrograde follows the lives of a group of thirty-something friends as they drown their sorrows at a virtual bar in the time of COVID-19. The series features a terrific line-up of Australian talent including Pallavi Sharda, Ilai Swindells, Maria Angelico, Esther Hannaford and Nick Boshier with guest star Ronny Chieng.

Series, Australia, English, Comedy

New Show Rhodes Across Italy

Sat, 11 Jul 2020


Rhodes Across Italy

From pasta to polenta, prosciutto to panna cotta, Italy is crammed full of mouth-watering food. Take a culinary tour of the country to discover the best, in this tribute to the doyen of cookery - Gary Rhodes.

Gary Rhodes

Series, United Kingdom, English, Cooking, Food/Wine

New Show Rosehaven

Wed, 8 Jul 2020



The multi-award-winning ABC comedy series returns for a fourth season. It's a time of change in Rosehaven and while Daniel seems to be managing it best, it might be Emma, despite her playful misadventures, who offers the most grown up advice.

Series, Australia, English, Comedy

New Show Save My Reno

Wed, 1 Jul 2020


Save My Reno

Former football player, Sebastian Clovis, and designer, Samantha Pynn, join forces to help you pull your renovation coals out of the fire. They come rushing to the rescue when the money starts running out.

Sebastian Clovis, Samantha Pynn

Series, Canada, English, Real Life

New Show Shades Of Blue

Mon, 6 Jul 2020


Shades Of Blue

Harlee Santos may have a day job at the NYPD, but that doesn't mean she has it all together financially. And that is an issue, because she's been assigned to the anti-corruption task force, which given her own dire financial straits, isn't going to be easy.

Jennifer Lopez, Ray Liotta, Drea de Matteo, Dayo Okeniyi, Vincent Laresca, Hampton Fluker.

Series, United States, English, Crime

New Show Shaun Micallef's On The Sauce

Coming Soon

Shaun Micallef's On The Sauce

Shaun Micallef goes on a journey to discover why Australians drink the way we do. From a Bachelors & Spinsters ball, to a pub crawl with a women's soccer team and a confronting meeting with a former drinker.

Series, Australia, English, Documentary

New Show The Break Boys

Mon, 13 Jul 2020


The Break Boys

Meet the Skill Brat Renegades, one of the best known breakdancing crews ever to throw a toprock, downrock, power move or freeze. These guys are on the comeback trail, and if you thought they were brilliant before, just get a load of them now.

Series, United States, English, Dance, Documentary

New Show The Children's Hospital

Sat, 11 Jul 2020


The Children's Hospital

Go behind the scenes at the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, Scotland in this heartwarming documentary series.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Documentary

New Show The Cook's Pantry With Matt Sinclair

Mon, 6 Jul 2020


The Cook's Pantry With Matt Sinclair

Celebrity chef Matt Sinclair tells us everything we need to know about his expert take on cooking.

Series, Australia, English, Cooking, Documentary, Entertainment, Food/Wine, Lifestyle

New Show The Hunt For Monster Bass

Mon, 6 Jul 2020


The Hunt For Monster Bass

Otte DeFoe makes his living as an angler, and he has his eye on the biggest largemouth bass he can coax onto his hook. If this means criss-crossing the country in pursuit of the monster, so be it.

Otte DeFoe

Series, United States, English, Fishing

New Show The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross

Mon, 13 Jul 2020


The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross

In The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross, Bob Ross offers soothing words of encouragement to viewers and painting hobbyists in this enormously popular series which has captivated audiences worldwide since 1982. It is the most-watched, most-recognised television art program in history. Ross, who died in 1995, is a cult figure, with nearly 1,500,000 Facebook followers and a legacy of hundreds of episodes of a TV program which has aired all around the world. In the series, Ross demonstrates his 'wet-on-wet' technique, which eliminates the need for each layer of paint to dry. In real-time, Ross creates tranquil natural scenes, including his trademark 'happy' clouds, cascading waterfalls, snow-covered forests, serene lakes, and distant mountain summits.

Bob Ross, Steve Ross, Dana Jester

Series, United States, English, Arts & Culture, Documentary, Family, Society & Culture

New Show The Windsors' Lost Letters

Mon, 6 Jul 2020


The Windsors' Lost Letters

Everyone knows the story of the Queen's father: reluctant but dutiful George VI. Most know the story of his elder brother, Edward, who rejected the throne for love. But their four siblings - Mary, Henry, George and John - have been largely forgotten. This series tells the interconnected stories of the first young Windsors. Never before seen letters and diaries belonging to the Royals reveal their hidden story across the social and political backdrop of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Through war, abdication and deep family divisions, the family would be subjected to unprecedented scrutiny and the parts these siblings played would shape the monarchy we know today.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Documentary, Hockey, Society & Culture

New Show Vera

Sun, 12 Jul 2020



New series premieres 12 July 2020. Inspector Vera Stanhope is blunt, witty, courageous and likes a drink or two. Together with her trusted young colleague, Sergeant Joe Ashworth, the two delve into each new case with vigour and determination. Based on the crime novels by British writer Ann Cleeves.

Brenda Blethyn, David Leon

Series, United Kingdom, English, Crime, Drama

New Show War Of The Worlds

Thu, 9 Jul 2020


War Of The Worlds

After an alien attack destroys life as we know it, those who are left and struggling to survive, create small groups on the principle that there is safety in numbers. Based on the novel by H.G. Wells, but updated to the C21st.

Directed by Howard Overman. Lea Drucker, Gabriel Byrne, Adel Bencherif, Natasha Little, Elizabeth McGovern, Daisy Edgar-Jones,

Series, United Kingdom, English, Drama, Sci-Fi, Science & Tech

New Show Who Gets To Stay In Australia?

Wed, 1 Jul 2020


Who Gets To Stay In Australia?

Every three minutes someone gains permanent residency in Australia, but every year more than 40,000 are rejected. For the first time, a documentary series captures the life-changing moments when men, women and families are told whether they can call Australia home, or whether they will be asked to leave.

Series, Australia, English, Documentary, Real Life, Society & Culture

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