Mythbusters (2003)


Many of us live by beliefs that collapse under the weight of investigation. Popular conceptions are either revealed as misconceptions or enshrined in truth.

Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage

Series, 2003, Documentary, Entertainment, Science & Tech

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Mythbusters - TV Showtimes

Wednesday, July 24


Mythbusters ‘The Volunteer Special’



'The Volunteer Special'

SBS VICELAND HD, 1:40pm, Wed, 24 Jul 2019, 55 minutes


In their 14-year history, the MythBusters have used over 3500 human guinea pigs and in this Volunteer Special, they're paying homage to every single one! First, they summon up an army of 200 zombies to find out what is the ultimate weapon when the apocalypse comes. Then, they're testing a pop culture classic - using 120 shopping volunteers, the MythBusters are finding out the best way to wait in line at the store is it the 'pick a lane' method or the more modern serpentine? Waiting will never be the same again.

Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage

Series, 2015, United States, English, Documentary, Entertainment, Science & Tech, Season 9 Episode 6

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