Hustle (2019)

Host John Henry follows entrepreneurs struggling to take their dreams to the next level. He helps them identify and face the obstacles holding them back in order to grow their businesses.

John Henry, Jonathan Grado, Mara Hoffman

Series, 2019, Business & Finance, Documentary, Real Life, Society & Culture

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Friday, January 31


Hustle ‘In The Weeds’



'In The Weeds'

SBS VICELAND HD, 12:40am, Fri, 31 Jan 2020, 50 minutes

John Henry helps Local Roots NYC founder Wen-Jay grow her farm-share business into a sustainable company that will grow from year to year.

John Henry, Jonathan Grado, Mara Hoffman

Series, 2018, United States, English, Documentary, Real Life, Business & Finance, Society & Culture, Season 1 Episode 3

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