Food Safari

Food Safari (2006)

Maeve O'Meara takes you on a journey within your very own kitchen and makes the exotic familiar. Maeve meets an array of incredible restaurateurs and inspiring home cooks as they talk us through their cuisines while making some mouth-watering dishes.

Series, 2006, Cooking

Food Safari - TV Showtimes

Saturday, December 2


Food Safari ‘Series 4, Episode 10’

SBS Food

Food Safari

'Series 4, Episode 10'

SBS Food, 9:30am, Sat, 2 Dec 2023, 30 minutes


Food Safari finishes the series in the far north west of Australia in the beautiful town of Broome, exploring the unique creole cuisine that started with the mix of cultures that settled to work in the booming pearling industry. In the backyards and kitchens of old Broome, Maeve discovers the diversity of the local indigenous food, with dishes as varied as chilli mudcrab, satay, pearl meat ceviche and a simple raw fish dish called susame, paying testament to influences from Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian and Malaysian culture.

Series, Australia, English, Cooking, Season 4 Episode 10

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