Abandoned Engineering

Abandoned Engineering (2017)

Some of the world's most amazing engineering projects and buildings now lie in ruins. How and why? What are the stories of the extraordinary people who originally designed them - and how are many being brought to spectacular new life?

Series, 2017, Documentary, Science & Tech, Society & Culture

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Abandoned Engineering - TV Showtimes

Sunday, August 16


Abandoned Engineering ‘The Underwater Prison’


Abandoned Engineering

'The Underwater Prison'

SBS VICELAND HD, 6:50pm, Sun, 16 Aug 2020, 50 minutes

An abandoned prison beneath the water, a tunnel in the heart of a mountain, concrete towers hidden in the woods, and a rusting coastal relic. Once they were at the cutting edge of design and construction, now they lie disused, contaminated and dangerous. But who built them? And why were they abandoned?

Series, 2018, United Kingdom, English, Documentary, Science & Tech, Society & Culture, Season 2 Episode 10

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