Where In The World?

Where In The World? (2017)

In Russia, seven-year-old Liza who picks blueberries with her grandma and helps turn them into delicious pancakes.

Series, 2017, Children

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Where In The World? - TV Showtimes

Tuesday, September 24


Where In The World? ‘Angel, Hamza Ad Liza. Makes A Birthday...’


Where In The World?

'Angel, Hamza Ad Liza. Makes A Birthday Cake'

ABC ME, 10:25am, Tue, 24 Sep 2019, 15 minutes


In Peru, Angel is practising on his favourite instrument; in Accra, the capital of Jordan, Hamza is studying maths and playing football. And in Russia, Liza and her twin brother Styopa are helping to bake an apple cake

Series, Australia, English, Children, Season 1 Episode 5

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