Unprotected Sets

Unprotected Sets

Series 2 commencing 24/4/21. Filmed in various US Cities this show presents a diverse lineup of comedians who are thought to be on the verge of discovery as the Next Big Thing! Hilarious and outrageous performances where nothing is off limits!

Series, Comedy

Unprotected Sets - TV Showtimes

Tuesday, May 18


Unprotected Sets ‘Kabir Singh, Kellen Erskine’

ABC TV Plus/Kids

Unprotected Sets

'Kabir Singh, Kellen Erskine'

ABC TV Plus/Kids, 11:24pm, Tue, 18 May 2021, 55 minutes


Kabir Singh is a rising star in the comedy world. He's fast, he's fearless, and he's funny! With a subdued style and a razor sharp wit, Kellen Erskine's dry sense of humour will keep you laughing.

Series, 2020, United States, English, Comedy, Season 2 Episode 4

Saturday, May 22


Unprotected Sets ‘Rita Brent, Dave Waite’

ABC TV Plus/Kids

Unprotected Sets

'Rita Brent, Dave Waite'

ABC TV Plus/Kids, 8:32pm, Sat, 22 May 2021, 57 minutes

A charismatic oddball by birth, Dave Waite's comedic style is unconventional and hilarious. In 2018, Rita Brent was crowned the 'Best Undiscovered Comedian in Mississippi' and has not stopped killing it since.

Series, 2020, United States, English, Comedy, Season 2 Episode 5

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