United Shades Of America

United Shades Of America

Series 2 commencing 29 November 2020. United Shades of America follows comedian and political gadfly W. Kamau Bell as he accepts the challenge to boldly explore the far corners of the country and its various groups and subcultures.

W. Kamau Bell

Series, Comedy, Documentary, Society & Culture

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United Shades Of America - TV Showtimes

Sunday, November 29


New Show United Shades Of America ‘Series 2: Episode 1’


United Shades Of America

'Series 2: Episode 1'

SBS VICELAND HD, 9:20pm, Sun, 29 Nov 2020, 50 minutes


Chicago gangs are at the centre of the fear, rage, and grief over the astonishing levels of homicide in the city, much of which is concentrated in black neighbourhoods. Native son W. Kamau Bell explores the mythology and the facts of gang violence by attending a City Hall press conference and meeting with various people, including a Black Lives Matter activist and Chicago native Dwayne Wade?s mother - herself a gang member turned pastor. He wraps his visit by sitting down with rival gang-affiliated hip-hop artists in an unprecedented summit that concludes in a way that not even Kamau could have predicted.

W. Kamau Bell

Series, United States, English, Documentary, Comedy, Society & Culture, Season 2 Episode 1

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