Underground Worlds

Underground Worlds (2019)

Series 2 commencing 23/4/22. Hidden beneath our feet are extraordinary spaces, caves, and tunnels. They've been designed and built by us, as well-formed by nature. But how were they created and adapted? For centuries, subterranean structures have captured our imagination. We're going further and deeper to unearth the stories, the mysteries, and the secrets of Underground Worlds.

Series, 2019, Documentary, Science & Tech, Society & Culture

Underground Worlds - TV Showtimes

Saturday, May 28


Underground Worlds ‘Series 2, Episode 6’


Underground Worlds

'Series 2, Episode 6'

SBS VICELAND HD, 7:30pm, Sat, 28 May 2022, 55 minutes

Head over a kilometre underground in a former gold mine in South Dakota, now turned into a world leading scientific laboratory investigating neutrinos; and visit a huge network of limestone tunnels under a quiet London suburb, and hear how they played a crucial role in the subterfuge that protected the D-Day landings.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Documentary, Science & Tech, Society & Culture, Season 2 Episode 6

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