Timewasters (2017)

A struggling jazz band from South London are sent back to the 1920s when their 'time machine' malfunctions. Our gang set out to survive and, hopefully, thrive in a world without mobiles, the internet..or any other black people

Daniel Lawrence Taylor, Kadiff Kirwan, Adelayo Adedayo

Series, 2017, Comedy

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Timewasters - TV Showtimes

Tuesday, January 22


Timewasters ‘Series 1, Episode 3’

ABC Comedy/Kids


'Series 1, Episode 3'

ABC Comedy/Kids, 10:00pm, Tue, 22 Jan 2019, 25 minutes


Nick decides to get to know Victoria's long-suffering butler a little better. Meanwhile Lauren tries to integrate herself into 1920s high society, Jason stands up for himself and Horace gets a new job.

Daniel Lawrence Taylor, Kadiff Kirwan, Adelayo Adedayo

Series, United Kingdom, English, Comedy, Season 1 Episode 3

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