The Therapist

The Therapist (2017)

Therapist Dr Siri Sat Sam Singh sits down to speak with musicians from the world of rap, rock, pop, dancehall and EDM to discover what lies beneath their public personas and to help them reconcile their troubled pasts.

Dr Siri Sat Sam Singh

Series, 2017, Documentary, Society & Culture

The Therapist - TV Showtimes

Monday, September 27


The Therapist ‘Tee Grizzley’


The Therapist

'Tee Grizzley'

SBS VICELAND HD, 2:10am, Mon, 27 Sep 2021, 30 minutes


Rapper Tee Grizzley discusses his time spent in jail and how it affected his subsequent rise to fame.

Dr Siri Sat Sam Singh

Series, 2017, United States, English, Documentary, Society & Culture, Season 1 Episode 20

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