Survivor: Winners At War

Survivor: Winners At War (2020)

Survivor has hit its 20th year - time flies! It's time to make this one special. To that end twenty winners from previous Survivor seasons are brought back to test their skills against their peers - the best of the best. Vying for 2 million dollars, these proven winners, will use their skills and wiles, as well as their previous experience to propel them into an even bigger win.

Jeff Probst

Series, 2020, Entertainment, Game Show, Real Life

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Survivor: Winners At War - TV Showtimes

Thursday, February 20


New Show Survivor: Winners At War ‘It's Like A Survivor Economy’


Survivor: Winners At War

'It's Like A Survivor Economy'

9Go!, 7:30pm, Thu, 20 Feb 2020, 60 minutes


They've been there before, and they know to a nicety how the game is played, so when this bunch of Survivors start making plans, it's time to pay attention.

Jeff Probst

Series, United States, English, Entertainment, Real Life, Game Show

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