Our Guy In China

Our Guy In China (2016)

Presented by world-famous bike racer and engineering enthusiast Guy Martin, the cult hero ignores the usual tourist destinations and instead explores the country by following his passions. The three episodes will each cover a different aspect of China - the countryside around the famous Yangtze River, the urban powerhouse of the capital city Beijing, and the stark beauty of the Gobi Desert.

Series, 2016, Documentary, Society & Culture, Travel

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Sunday, September 22


New Show Our Guy In China ‘Series 1, Episode 2’


Our Guy In China

'Series 1, Episode 2'

SBS VICELAND HD, 6:45pm, Sun, 22 Sep 2019, 55 minutes


Lincolnshire lorry mechanic and motorcycle racer Guy Martin explores China's capital, Beijing. He ignores the tourist traps and follows his own often eccentric passions to reveal a side of China not normally seen.

Series, 2016, United Kingdom, English, Documentary, Travel, Society & Culture, Season 1 Episode 2

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