Taylor Fry is a wacky, high-spirited adolescent girl with her head in the clouds. She's always fantasising about an alternate life full of glamour and adventure and, like most kids her age, finds her parents completely mortifying! With the help of her best buddy Hector, Taylor might just make it through life's trials and tribulations with her spirit intact.

Marny Kennedy, Nicholas Dunn, Maia McCall Mitchell

Series, Children

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Mortified - TV Showtimes

Monday, February 3


Mortified ‘Taylor's DNA’



'Taylor's DNA'

ABC ME, 9:05am, Mon, 3 Feb 2020, 25 minutes


Taylor's embarrassment by Mum-and-Dad factor reaches an all-time high when they compete in a talent quest. Her only way out is if they are her real parents; a DNA test should establish parenthood beyond doubt.

Marny Kennedy, Nicholas Dunn, Maia McCall Mitchell.

Series, 2006, Australia, English, Children, Season 1 Episode 1

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