Merchants Of The Wild

Merchants Of The Wild (2017)

Merchants of the Wild is a vivid documentary series that reconnects six Indigenous women and men to the land, traditional skills, and knowledge required to relive the struggle for survival of a fur trade expedition hundreds of years ago. Across the length and breadth of a First Nations Oji-Cree territory, these adventurers will travel in birch bark canoes through stunning waters and wilderness, mixing survival and culture as they step back in time for a journey like no other. The brave group are taught by Elders and Knowledge Keepers, learning to make tools and use skills passed on orally through generations. The series encourages an understanding and appreciation of cultural knowledge, but also the opportunity to reconnect with their own heritage and discover their own identities. The diverse group must use their collective knowledge and courage, along with the teachings from Elders, to find food, make shelter and endure freezing nights.

Series, 2017, Arts & Culture, Documentary, Historical, Lifestyle, Nature, Society & Culture

Merchants Of The Wild - TV Showtimes

Saturday, May 28


Merchants Of The Wild ‘Snare’


Merchants Of The Wild


NITV, 5:50pm, Sat, 28 May 2022, 30 minutes


Unsure their fish is properly smoked, the group eats 'bush sushi' hoping no one falls ill. The adventurers paddle to a new camp with hopes of better-securing food.

Series, 2017, Canada, English, Documentary, Lifestyle, Arts & Culture, Nature, Historical, Society & Culture, Season 1 Episode 6

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