King Of The Road

King Of The Road (2016)

Thrasher Magazine's legendary competition-come-road trip sees the world's best skateboarding teams duke it out on the gnarliest stairs, ramps and slabs of skateable concrete. Three teams of pro skateboarders: Chocolate, Toy Machine, and Birdhouse compete in Thrasher's infamous scavenger hunt, road tripping from Seattle to San Diego.

Series, 2016, Documentary, Entertainment, Sport, Travel

King Of The Road - TV Showtimes

Wednesday, March 10


King Of The Road ‘Grand Finale’


King Of The Road

'Grand Finale'

SBS VICELAND HD, 12:50am, Wed, 10 Mar 2021, 70 minutes


An awards show as only King of the Road could do it - weird, sloppy and downright ridiculous. Clint gets a taste of his own medicine and the big winners are finally revealed.

Series, 2016, United States, English, Sport, Documentary, Entertainment, Travel, Season 1 Episode 12

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