Inspector Morse

Inspector Morse (1987)

Inspector Morse

This much-loved British crime series revolves around Morse,a slightly grumpy but rather high-brow police inspector working in the rarefied surrounds of Oxfordshire. He and his much-maligned sidekick Sergeant Lewis are faced with all manner of murderous crimes.

John Thaw, Kevin Whately

Series, 1987, Crime, Mystery

Inspector Morse - TV Showtimes

Thursday, October 21


Inspector Morse ‘The Day Of The Devil’


Inspector Morse

'The Day Of The Devil'

7TWO, 8:30pm, Thu, 21 Oct 2021, 140 minutes


When Morse and Lewis hunt down a violent prison escapee, they find that he's turned to the occult for support.

John Thaw, Kevin Whately

Series, 1993, United Kingdom, English, Crime, Mystery, Season 7 Episode 2

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