Inside West Coast Customs

Inside West Coast Customs (2011)

World renowned car customiser, Ryan Friedlinghaus, and his team of mechanical wizards at West Coast Customs go above and beyond with their automotive masterpieces. No ordinary pimped out rides, their creations range from a life sized Mario Kart to a high tech Mustang.

Ryan Friedlinghaus

Series, 2011, Documentary

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Inside West Coast Customs - TV Showtimes

Monday, July 1


Inside West Coast Customs ‘Shaq's Back’


Inside West Coast Customs

'Shaq's Back'

7mate, 1:00pm, Mon, 1 Jul 2019, 60 minutes


Shaquille O'Neal has a special request for Ryan, involving a custom-built Jeep. And in this case size does matter. So beginning with 4 door Wrangle, check out the result.

Ryan Friedlinghaus

Series, 2013, United Kingdom, English, Documentary, Season 3 Episode 1

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