Hitler's Last Year

Hitler's Last Year (2017)

From the D-Day landings on the 6 June 1944, to the surrender of the Third Reich on 8 May 1945, it took 353 days to bring down the Nazi regime. This series looks at the eleven months that preceded Hitler's defeat and unveils entire chapters of the war that are largely unknown - eleven months that turned out to be the most murderous of all, marked by ruthless fighting and heinous war crimes. Eleven months which tested the resolve of Allied and Soviet leaders, and the stubborn faith of the Nazis. Eleven months of flickering hope, which shattered the lives of ordinary people and doomed thousands of civilians to exile and deportation. Eleven months whose outcome remained uncertain until the very end.How many are aware that the main aim of the Anglo-American strategy was to take over the industrial heart of Germany? How much is known about the terrible, equally murderous war fought in the East? And what of Allied military operations, which bore their share of aberrations, errors and in-fighting, and which everywhere were met with the fierce opposition of the Wehrmacht? Based entirely on remastered and recolored archives, Hitler's Last Year will immerse the viewer into the searing reality of these apocalyptic months. This ambitious series will compile unseen Russian, German, and American archives, rare images of daily life along with footage of epic battles, to retrace the final events of a nightmarish war.

Series, 2017, Biography, Documentary, Historical, War

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