Gomorrah (2014)

Ciro Di Marzio, right hand man of clan boss Pietro Savastano, and Ciro's fatherly friend Attilio set fire to Salvatore Conte's home to cut Salvatore down to size - him, the ruthless upcoming contender on the Savastano clan's turf. When Conte not only manages to escape but, in revenge, sprays a local bar frequented by the Savstanos with bullets and hand grenades, this means all- out war for Ciro's boss Pietro, whatever the cost. Indeed the death toll of the ensuing bloody battle is high, including Attilio. Heartbroken, Ciro mourns silently the loss of his foster father who had taken him as a child. While Pietro is satisfied with the outcome Ciro secretly yearns for revenge.

Series, 2014, Crime, Movie

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Gomorrah - TV Showtimes

Sunday, November 29


Gomorrah ‘Series 1: Episode 7’

SBS World Movies


'Series 1: Episode 7'

SBS World Movies, 10:35pm, Sun, 29 Nov 2020, 60 minutes

Now that it has become clear that Imma has Pietro's blessing and with Genny out of reach, Ciro realises that his strategy must once again be to toe the line while Imma starts to restructure the Savastano business empire. And woe to those who dare not to follow the new set of rules.

Series, Italy, Italian, English Subtitles, Crime, Movie, Season 1 Episode 7

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