Flipping Exes

Flipping Exes

There was a time when they were as close to being Mr. and Mrs. as it made no matter. But that was then. Now, they're still together, but not as a couple, as a couple of savvy business people who have made a fortune out of flipping properties.

Nina Klemm, Michael LeSure

Series, Lifestyle, Real Life

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Flipping Exes - TV Showtimes

Sunday, November 29


Flipping Exes ‘Our Flippin' Anniversary!’


Flipping Exes

'Our Flippin' Anniversary!'

9Life, 11:00am, Sun, 29 Nov 2020, 60 minutes


When Nina and Michael start work on a flat, they realise that before they can get down to business, a major cleanup is required. And there's a surprise party in the wind.

Nina Klemm, Michael LeSure

Series, United States, English, Lifestyle, Real Life, Season 1 Episode 7

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