Fairly Odd Parents

Fairly Odd Parents (2001)

A cartoon about a 10-year old boy named Timmy Turner who's an average kid with not-so-average godparents. He has Fairy Godparents by the name of Cosmo and Wanda who grant Timmy's wishes and take care of him. What's a smart kid like Timmy going to do with all that magical power? Goooood question...

Series, 2001, Cartoon, Children

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Fairly Odd Parents - TV Showtimes

Sunday, February 24


Fairly Odd Parents ‘Stage Fright/ Gone Flushin'’


Fairly Odd Parents

'Stage Fright/ Gone Flushin''

ABC ME, 2:45pm, Sun, 24 Feb 2019, 25 minutes


Vicky decides to be an actress and makes Timmy help her land her first role. / Dad accidentally flushes Timmy and the fairies down the toilet.

Series, United States, English, Children, Cartoon, Season 9 Episode 19

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