Corp And Anam

Corp And Anam (2015)

A crime drama series following crack TV crime reporter Cathal Mac Iarnain. The terrier of the newsroom, Mac Iarnain doggedly pursues the truth behind every story, regardless of who it hurts.

Series, 2015, Crime, Drama

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Corp And Anam - TV Showtimes

Thursday, December 13


Corp And Anam ‘Series 2, Episode 2’


Corp And Anam

'Series 2, Episode 2'

NITV, 11:15pm, Thu, 13 Dec 2018, 60 minutes


Natalie Boner walks triumphantly from the court as her former chaplain Fr Mathew King is convicted of rape. Investigating the case, MacIarnain uncovers a high-ranking solicitor double charging victims.

Series, 2016, Ireland, English, Drama, Crime, Season 2 Episode 2

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