Carnival Kings

Carnival Kings (2018)

Fearlessly innovative artist and Michelin-starred chef Richie Farina is hitting the road in search of adversaries and cutting-edge culinary competition at the biggest carnivals in the country. Richie has 24 hours to come up with his own version of each fair's famous dish before competing in a head-to-head cook-off judged by real fairgoers. Fasten your seat belts for fierce competition, hilarious smack talk and a mind-blowing variety of deliciously decadent carnival cuisine.

Richie Farina

Series, 2018, Cooking, Food/Wine, Travel

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Carnival Kings - TV Showtimes

Sunday, September 22


Carnival Kings ‘Deep-Fried Burger Battle’

7food network

Carnival Kings

'Deep-Fried Burger Battle'

7food network, 12:30pm, Sun, 22 Sep 2019, 30 minutes


Richie has found two worthy adversaries at the biggest 'carnival' in the country - the State Fair of Texas. Brothers Brent and Juan Reaves have created a Texas-sized sensation with their 'Deep-Fried Bacon Burger Dog Slider on a Stick', and now Richie has 24 hours to come up with his own version of their famous dish. A head-to-head cook-off is judged by real fairgoers, and they decide whose burger is really better.

Richie Farina

Series, 2018, United States, English, Cooking, Travel, Food/Wine, Season 1 Episode 1

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