Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters (2017)

Stranded in the Mexican desert, bumbling antiques dealer Barnaby and no-nonsense bounty hunter Nina are certain their luck has run out. With Angel and his cartel now pointing the guns, what new adventures await?

Jack Whitehall, Rosie Perez, Christian Ochoa

Series, 2017, Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Bounty Hunters - TV Showtimes

Monday, February 3


New Show Bounty Hunters ‘Series 1: Episode 1’

ABC Comedy/Kids

Bounty Hunters

'Series 1: Episode 1'

ABC Comedy/Kids, 10:30pm, Mon, 3 Feb 2020, 25 minutes


Barnaby Walker takes it upon himself to save the family's cash-strapped antiques business. But when he shells out a fortune for a treasure looted from Syria, it sets off a string of events that turn his life upside down.

Jack Whitehall, Rosie Perez, Christian Ochoa

Series, United States, English, Action, Comedy, Adventure, Season 1 Episode 1

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