7 Days Of Sex - Denmark

7 Days Of Sex - Denmark (2013)

Whether its kids, schedules, or just life in general, sex has taken a backseat in too many marriages today. Can one week of romantic homework assignments help struggling couples reconnect and rekindle the passion that first brought them together?

Series, 2013, Adult, Documentary, Romance, Society & Culture

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7 Days Of Sex - Denmark - TV Showtimes

Tuesday, December 10


New Show 7 Days Of Sex - Denmark ‘Series 1, Episode 2’


7 Days Of Sex - Denmark

'Series 1, Episode 2'

SBS VICELAND HD, 10:35pm, Tue, 10 Dec 2019, 55 minutes


Kiki and Bjarne and Sofie and Carsten are two separate couples each with their problems to solve. Both relationships are being overtaken by a lot of children and a boring everyday life, which slowly but safely is putting an end to their love lives. What happens when they all of a sudden promise to have sex every day for a week?

Series, 2013, Denmark, Danish, English Subtitles, Documentary, Romance, Adult, Society & Culture, Season 1 Episode 2

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