Zapped (2016)

Brian, a bored office worker, receives a package with a mysterious amulet. Upon putting it on he finds himself being teleported to a parallel universe inhabited by wizards and warriors.

Series, 2016, Sci-Fi

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Zapped - TV Showtimes

Monday, June 25


Zapped ‘Pear Fair’

ABC Comedy/Kids


'Pear Fair'

ABC Comedy/Kids, 2:05am, Mon, 25 Jun 2018, 30 minutes


Paul Kaye is on brilliantly manic form in Dave's fantasy comedy. It's Munty's Pear Fair. Brian has to guard a sacred tree, a task surely even he can't cock up...

Series, 2017, Australia, English, Sci-Fi

Tuesday, June 26


Zapped ‘Showtime’

ABC Comedy/Kids



ABC Comedy/Kids, 10:00pm, Tue, 26 Jun 2018, 30 minutes

James Buckley stars in the comedy that The Mirror calls 'a wonderfully silly romp'. Brian joins a band of travelling Players. Howell chases a homicidal turkey.

Series, 2017, Australia, English, Sci-Fi

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