Savage Wild

Savage Wild

Manny Puig has a thing about savage places. He has an even greater thing about facing down danger with only his wits and the most basic of tools. To call him an adventure man is to badly underestimate his guts, resourcefulness and stamina. Let him take you on a trip to the truly dark side.

Manny Puig

Series, Adventure, Documentary, Real Life

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Savage Wild - TV Showtimes

Saturday, August 17


Savage Wild ‘Nightfall On The Primal River’


Savage Wild

'Nightfall On The Primal River'

7mate, 12:00am, Sat, 17 Aug 2019, 30 minutes


A nighttime excursion on the Primal River introduces Manny to some nocturnal animals it may be better to leave unmolested - especially that monstrous alligator.

Manny Puig

Series, United States, English, Documentary, Real Life, Adventure, Season 2 Episode 5

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