In Search Of...

In Search Of... (2018)

This reboot of the 70's classic is an immersive, experiential journey through the intersection of science and the supernatural, with a fitting personality to drive its investigations - Zachary Quinto. Like his predecessor, Quinto shares an intense curiosity, nimble mind, and genuine sense of wonder, which, combined with his 21st century awareness, makes this rebirth of In Search of... a fresh and exciting look at the topics that keep us all awake in the middle of the night.

Zachary Quinto

Series, 2018, Documentary, Entertainment, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Science & Tech, Society & Culture

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Monday, June 1


In Search Of... ‘Monsters Of The Deep’


In Search Of...

'Monsters Of The Deep'

SBS VICELAND HD, 8:30pm, Mon, 1 Jun 2020, 50 minutes

Zach wants to know if the Monsters of the Deep that are depicted in myths and legends are real and learns that nearly 99 percent of the world's deep oceans remain unexplored. He heads to Australia, where a young teenager was savagely attacked by a swarm of mysterious flesh-eating monsters. He takes a dangerous plunge into the ocean himself, amongst highly venomous sea creatures. In the end, he discovers a brand-new species of fish and makes a shocking revelation - monsters of the deep are real and they're also living in own backyard.

Zachary Quinto

Series, 2018, United States, English, Documentary, Entertainment, Sci-Fi, Science & Tech, Mystery, Society & Culture, Season 1 Episode 3

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