Delivering The World: Inside DHL

Delivering The World: Inside DHL (2019)

Delivering The World: Inside DHL goes behind the scenes with the world's biggest delivery company to find out how they deliver an extraordinary range and quantity of packages all over the planet. With half a million employees, 90,000 road vehicles, a fleet of planes and even their own airport, DHL makes on average five deliveries every second, somewhere on Earth. This is a series about amazing global logistics, epic journeys, and an army of hard working, cheerful characters who by and large love their jobs and help keep the modern world turning.

Series, 2019, Documentary, Society & Culture

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Delivering The World: Inside DHL - TV Showtimes

Sunday, August 18


New Show Delivering The World: Inside DHL ‘Paper’


Delivering The World: Inside DHL


SBS VICELAND HD, 6:50pm, Sun, 18 Aug 2019, 50 minutes


We find out how a man in New Zealand can send a paper making machine to a remote area of Africa when it weighs over five times the amount that DHL's conveyor belts can handle. In New York, we'll find out how the couriers beat the infamous Manhattan morning gridlock to deliver urgent overnight packages to Wall Street. And we'll also find out how it's possible for a man living in Outback Australia to buy a tee-shirt online from a company in the UK and receive it just three days later for less than it would cost in his local clothing store.

Series, 2019, United Kingdom, English, Documentary, Society & Culture, Season 1 Episode 1

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